The cast and crew of X-Ray and Vav.

Voice ActorsEdit

Image Name Character(s)
Ray Narvaez, Jr Ray Narvaez, Jr. X-Ray
Gavin Free Gavin Free Vav
Lindsay Jones Lindsay Jones Hilda
Barbara Dunkelman Barbara Dunkelman ORF
Patrick Rodriguez Patrick Rodriguez The Mayor
Gray Haddock Gray Haddock Rusty Bonjour
Ryan Haywood Ryan Haywood The Mad King
Geoff Ramsey Geoff Ramsey Corpirate
Kdin Jenzen Kdin Jenzen Henchman


Image Name Role(s)
Gray Haddock Gray Haddock Producer
Lindsay Jones Lindsay Jones Director, Writer, Show Concept
Jordan Cweirz Jordan Cweirz Director, Writer
Eddy Rivas Eddy Rivas Writer
Kerry Shawcross Kerry Shawcross Writer
Patrick Rodriguez Patrick Rodriguez Concept Artist, Art Director, Storyboards, Assets
Peter Sorensen Peter Sorensen Lead Animator, Assets
Dustin Matthews Dustin Matthews Animator
Ian Kedward Ian Kedward Animator
Sean Baird Sean Baird Animator
Joel Mann Joel Mann Animator
Clayton Dewet Clayton Dewet Sound
Daniel Fabelo Daniel Fabelo Sound
Micah Risinger Micah Risinger Theme Song Composition and Vocals
Jeff Williams Jeff Williams Music
Steve Goldshein Steve Goldshein Music
Alex Abraham Alex Abraham Music
Jeff Yohn Jeff Yohn Tech Director
Maggie Tominey Maggie Tominey Production Coordinator
Burnie Burns Burnie Burns Executive Producer
Matt Hullum Matt Hullum Executive Producer

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