X-Ray and Vav
X-Ray and Vav Logo Poster
General Information
Created by Lindsay Jones
Jordan Cwierz
Written by Lindsay Jones
Jordan Cwierz
Eddy Rivas
Kerry Shawcross
Music by Jeff Williams
Steve Goldshein
Alex Abraham
Seasons 2
Episodes 14
Production Information
Original Run November 27, 2014 - October 18, 2015
Release Time Sundays (public)
Running Time 9 minutes (average)
Status Retired
X-Ray and Vav was an animated series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. It surrounds two wannabe superheroes, named X-Ray and Vav, based on Ray Narvaez, Jr. and Gavin Free's fictional alter-egos. It is directed by Jordan Cwierz, creator of the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, and Lindsay Jones, with Patrick Rodriguez acting as art director.

The show was first announced at RTX 2014.[1] A short teaser trailer for the series, displaying its logo, was shown at the end of RWBY Volume 2's eighth episode.[2] A full teaser showcasing its animation was aired alongside the nineteenth episode of Red vs. Blue: Season 12 and ninth episode of RWBY Volume 2.[3] The first episode premiered at the 2014 New York Comic-Con. The trailer for the second season was shown at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, being uploaded shortly after.[4]

Plans for a third season were confirmed to be cancelled by Lindsay in Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 311. When asked by a fan if he would return for a third season if asked, Narvaez stated he wouldn't and that he was "happy with how it ended". Because the series is cancelled and is no longer still in production, the production, direction and animation staff behind the show have moved over to switch their focus on other Rooster Teeth shows and projects on Rooster Teeth's "Summer of Animation" fun and top priority list, including RWBY, RWBY Chibi, Red vs Blue Season 14, and a brand new 2D animation show, X-Ray and Vav's spiritual sucessor/replacement, called Camp Camp.



Xray and vav costumes

Ray and Gavin in costume as X-Ray and Vav.

The show traces its origins to a Halo 4 achievement guide created by the pair for Achievement Hunter.[5] In the video, Ray intentionally mispronounces Gavin's name as "Vav" (because Gavin mispronounced it during the mic-check), and later Gavin asks Ray, "Do people ever call you 'X-Ray'?". In subsequent achievement guides, the pair would begin to stay "in-character" as their superhero alter-egos, X-Ray and Vav, and make reference to them in other videos. The characters became incredibly popular with the Rooster Teeth community, spawning official merchandise, fan art and cosplays. At RTX 2013, Gavin and Ray, themselves, cosplayed as the characters.

The first indication of an animated show based on X-Ray and Vav was at RTX 2013, during which a brief teaser was shown at the RTAA panel. The show was revealed under the title of Animated Adventurers and differed from the final show significantly, in that the animation bore a heavier resemblance to Jordan's distinctive art style, rather than the more polished cartoon look of the show proper.[6]


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Season 1

No. Title Air Date
1 "X-Ray & Vav Rise" November 27, 2014
X-Ray and Vav's quest to become the greatest superheroes ever isn't going as well as they hoped. But a chance encounter with a scientific genius may put them on the path to greatness! ...Or maybe not.
2 "Operation: Rescue Friend" December 4, 2014
Crime waits for no one! X-Ray and Vav barely have a moment to relax before more justice needs serving. When an ally goes missing, it's up to the duo to take back what's theirs.
3 "Evil Unlocked" December 11, 2014
X-Ray and Vav are fresh off of their most recent serving of justice, but it's not long before the Mayor comes calling (literally) with a new mission. Are our heroes awesome enough to handle the task before them?
4 "Storm the Tower" December 18, 2014
With the city under siege and an egotistical evildoer in power, the future looks bleak. X-Ray & Vav! The world needs you!

Season 2

No. Title Air Date
1 "The Dawn of Mogar" July 19, 2015
Mogar, um... dawns! And with the help of intrepid reporter Ash, X-Ray and Vav are out to learn as much as they can about the secretive savage!
2 "Enter the Dragonfic" July 26, 2015
When Dragonface, X-Ray and Vav's biggest fan/stalker, gets his hands on an experimental invention of Hilda's, things get a little fan-fictional.
3 "My Dinner With Ash" August 2, 2015
Vav has a dinner date with Ash, and he needs X-Ray's help to not screw it up. However, fate has other plans, and the three of them get caught in the middle of Mogar's mission.
4 "Coal & Order" August 9, 2015
X-Ray and Vav solicit the aid of a grizzled private eye to help trace down Mogar.
5 "The Madness of the King" August 16, 2015
Our dynamic duo find themselves face to face with the Mad King, trying to interrogate him for information. However, the Mad King has plans of his own.


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  • Most characters in this series are based off the characters their voice actors have previously come up with in previous Achievement Hunter videos, such as The Mad King, or The Corpirate.


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