"The Anti-Vav Ray"
Season 2, Episode 7
Anti vav ray
Airdate: September 27th, 2015
Director: Jordan Cwierz
Lindsay Jones
Story: Jordan Cwierz
Lindsay Jones
Patrick Rodriguez
"It's A Crazy Mad World"
"Divide & Conquer"

"The Anti-Vav Ray" is the seventh episode in the second season of X-Ray and Vav.

Synopsis Edit

With the Mad King back on his throne, he goes on live TV to receive The Annual Honorable Citizen Award from the mayor. (Who everyone liked better under mind-control.) X-ray and Vav try to tell the city the truth, but no one is having it. Instead, the Mad King accuses the pair of being outdated heroes, and decides to put their friendship to the test. Vav must chose: Save his best friend, or his love interest. In the end, Vav saves the girl and X-ray gets dropped into "lava" (Jello). Their feelings hurt, the two can't trust each other anymore. X-ray and Vav part ways, their friendship klept in twanes.

Characters Edit

Major Characters: Edit

Minor Characters: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • At the end of the episode (and his speech), The Mad King perform the infamous "mike drop." (Obviously to display his badassery.)
  • This episode is self-censored, the devious reason behind this is currently unknown.

Gallery Edit

Video Edit

X-Ray & Vav The Anti-Vav Ray – Season 2, Episode 710:32

X-Ray & Vav The Anti-Vav Ray – Season 2, Episode 7

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