Name Henchman
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Henchman for Corpirate
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise
Latest appearance Operation: Rescue Friend
Voiced by Kdin Jenzen

One of Corpirate's henchmen has appeared twice, usually reporting to Corpirate about failed plots.


To be written...


He has a big nose, brown hair, a brown beard, and killer sideburns. He wears a stereotypical common crook outfit: A grey turtleneck, thick black pants, and ski mask.


The first mate of the Corepirate's crew, this unnamed crook is the courier for his swashbuckling manager. He is tasked with overseeing and delivering threats to business partners, as well as reporting the outcome of his boss's robberies. He also has mean right hook which he uses on Hilda in Storm the Tower.

Episode appearancesEdit

Minor appearancesEdit


To be written...

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